Sunday, 9 March 2014

White Dwarf Issue 5

The second week of Knights has come and along with it a while new Codex.  Read on after the jump for a review of White Dwarf Issue 5.

This week, they are explaining in more detail the background and heraldry of the Imperial Knights:  Also focussing on the differences between Imperial, Adeptus Mechanicus and Freeblade Knights.

New Releases:  Codex: Imperial Knights and Imperial Knights Companion Guide

Writer's Column:  Jervis Johnson - Talking about Digital Editions (Not the best of Jervis' articles I have to say - more for the content rather than being badly written).

Adam Troke:  Houses and Heraldry - All about the Knights.

Extra Article:  Creating your own Freeblade

Battle Report:  Features 5 Imperial Knights alongside Dark Angels and Chaos Space Marines with 2 Khorne Lord of Skulls.

Extra Article:  Knightly Duels:  Imperial Knight mini Card Game.

Paint Splatter:  Freeblades - Gerantius, The Forgotten Knight (Green Freeblade)

Sprues and Glue:  How to apply transfers.  An extremely useful article that gives different advice to what it says on the packet.

This Week In:  Writing Codex: Imperial Knights and Other Knightly background.  Other weekly articles you can see what they are here in bold under the This Week In section at the bottom.

Hobby in the Bunker:  Mel's Plaguebearers, Adam's Hive Guard, Kornel's Ork Shoota Boyz

Week’s Rating:  8/10  A few hidden gems - How to apply transfers is always a handy article to have around (Otherwise it would have been 7/10).


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