Saturday, 18 January 2014

Dataslate: Tyrannic War Veterans

I have been really excited about this new dataslate and I am pleased with the outcome.

A unit of tyrannic war veterans is basically a cheaper version of sternguard veterans, that don't get quite as many options.  They are only equipped with bolters and hellfire ammunition.  However, they do gain some extra special tyranid killing special rules (Preferred enemy Tyrannids and Zealot when facing Tyranids).

There is also a formation including Cassius, 1+ squads of these and 0-6 stormtalons (which gain the ability to infiltrate and start the game hovering on the board).

I'm not sure how often I will use them over normal sternguard, but who knows!  What do you think of the the new tyrannic war veterans?


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